Textiles and Garment Industry in China -- Great Potential for European Companies

The textile and garments industry in China has a long and honourable tradition. This branch has a successful track record dating back for centuries; the industry has gained an assured place on the global market today. It is therefore hardly surprising that many companies in Europe are interested in cooperation with China. China plays an important role in the globalisation of production and trade. Not only is the country a favourite for sourcing center, it has now also become an important customer for high quality branded products.

However, there is ample scope for further development of cooperation between Chinese and European textile companies. That is where C.E.T.A. comes in.

In February 2005, the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry, the Swiss Textile Federation and the Federal Association of the Austrian Textile Industry put in place a project known as the China-Europe Textile Alliance (C.E.T.A.) under the aegis of GIC Shanghai. Later the Spanish Cotton System Textile Industry Association and the Federation of Finnish Textile and Clothing Industries also became active members of C.E.T.A. The aim of the C.E.T.A. project is to familiarise European companies in the textile and garments industry with the working practices of the Chinese textile industry, the Chinese production capacity, the distribution structure of the Chinese market and the channels for entering the market.